Trust God and success will follow

Debra Rozier

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author, Prayer Warrior 

and Motivator

Debra Rozier has been serving God since she was fifteen years old. Early in her salvation, He impressed on her heart the importance of prayer, as well as seeking Him diligently and faithfully. Prayer has taught Debra how to handle life-challenging times. She grew to learn that we overcome by the words of our testimony. As long as someone could grow, learn, and overcome whatever they may be facing, Debra would always use her testimony as an example. She has learned through all of the good, bad, and painful times in life what it means to stay in God's face.  


Debra is committed to helping everyone she meets come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior; encouraging them to “speak to Him as if you are speaking to your best friend." Her mission is to be the example the world needs to see, hear, and believe by modeling a lifestyle of prayer and personal devotion.